As Shine Tub Shower Doors


Over time, the tub shower doors may have a white, cloudy or chalky, usually is the result of soap scum, dirt, mineral deposits from hard water or a combination of the three. Regardless of the source, let the shower door looking new using common household items and cleaning solutions. But take measures to prevent further accumulation and dirt, which can refine the door formulated products to polish and protect the car. Spray the entire shower door with vinegar and let sit for about five minutes.

Rub the tub shower doors with a sponge or a non-abrasive to remove soap scum cloth, mineral deposits and dirt. Apply more vinegar if needed to help break the stubborn stains. Rinse the glass thoroughly and then check it to make sure no residue. Apply a small amount of sealant to the car windshield using a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Windshield sealant spreads car wax or over the entire surface of the tub shower doors tightened using circular motions. Apply sealant or wax on the glass until no longer able to see. Let the sealer or wax to dry for about five minutes, or as directed by the manufacturer. Let the wax or sealant to dry for approximately 10 minutes, and then clean the glass with a fresh microfiber cloth.

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