Train Room Decor for Bedroom


Decorate the room of a child with a train theme has many options. Train room decor is elegant and offers a bright environment for a child to play. Current ideas about the child and asks that the best ideas that you like. Add other accents as carpets and artwork to complete the train room decor and provide soothing areas for your child to play. Painting a solid color on the wall or mural.

Both are good ways to decorate the train room decor and create an atmosphere reminiscent of the railroad. Consider painting a tunnel on a wall like a train would pass by. You can stencil your child’s name on the wall as the name of the city. Solid colors that look good in this room are green forest and blue sky.

Plan the furniture in the room so there is a large playground in the room. Raise your child’s bed so there is a play space below, but make sure it is old enough to safely climb a ladder. Build shelves around the top of the room and build a rail on top of them. Place a train on the tracks. Change dresser knobs to incorporate the color scheme of the room.

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