Train Room Decor for Child


Children often go through a phase where they are obsessed with any large object that moves, including train room decor. As your child grows beyond the decorations baby, redecorate your space in a room that reflects your new interests. Choose a central theme related to trains to attach the decorative elements. They are fascinated with the inner workings of the engine and enjoy watching the steam engine trailing behind. When using steam as the theme of your child’s room, start with the walls.

Paint a small steam engine on the wall, or a decoration that adheres to the walls and painted a gray vapor trail behind it. Make it fun by incorporating curves and loops steam drag along all the way around the train room decor. Add figurines vintage steam engine on high shelves or framed pictures hanging on the wall.

Many children are obsessed with characters from “Thomas the Tank Engine” series of books and television programs. Delight you’re by focusing on the characters of Thomas son in her room. Linens, blankets, posters, and large figures are just some of the accessories available in the market that you can use to decorate. The main disadvantage of this scheme of decoration is that the child may outgrow the phase of Thomas sooner than you would with train room decor in general.

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