Teak Patio Furniture Ideas


Both teak patio furniture and eucalyptus provide excellent wood for furniture. Although they have some similarities, these two woods are different in appearance, cost and availability. Choosing either the mentioned factors or personal preferences on the appearance is reduced. The furniture is made ​​of teak patio furniture from that tree. The wood is dense, coarse texture and a lot of oil content. It has a strong aroma and is known to be resistant to weather conditions. Furthermore, teak repels termites naturally.

Many other woods are used to make furniture, but none of them can beat the reliability that has both teak patio furniture and eucalyptus. Each has its own benefits. The furniture eucalyptus are strong as oak; Also ages better than teak. However, teak is more water resistant, making it better for the furniture outside. The furniture of genuine teak is very expensive because it is one of the best natural woods and lasts a lifetime if maintained properly. The price increases in heavy pieces that have intricate designs carved. Meanwhile, furniture eucalyptus is cheaper than genuine teak, which makes them a better choice for those who cannot spend as much on teak patio furniture.

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