Children’s Bedroom Inspired by Super Mario Room Decor


Super Mario is one of the most popular video game characters. If you’re one of those children and Super Mario is part of your childhood, to the point that you love to have Super Mario room decor the most present in the room decor of your baby, you cannot miss these original ideas to put a fun twist on the nursery. The key of Super Mario room decor is in the walls, since you can paint them with motifs inspired by the video game Mario Bros.

As it is a well-known iconography, anyone entering the room recognized when the drawings as part of the game Super Mario. The best idea to put this amazing point in the room would be to divide the wall into two parts. Halfway, you can paint with drawings of Super Mario.

Needless to do great detail and the advantage of this type of decoration is that you need not be an artist, because the drawings of Super Mario room decor ¬†are quite simple to play. To complete the tap “Mario” in the decor of the room, you can use stuffed animals and dolls to put in the crib, changing table above.

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