Steel Entry Doors


Whether your entry is smooth or ornate, adding steel entry doors will add value over privacy of any property. As opening desired height and width of the inner’s, each side including the total height and distance along the ground with the width at top and bottom for the front door frame part. Measure point outside the small door latch it in the open position for a door which is to fit inside an aperture measured or measuring junction of plates according to the type of automatic door opener used.

Measure and cut 1 1/4-inch steel pipe 2 1/4-inch to the door frame, according to the template. Steel entry doors with arched tops may require additional actions and must be measured according to the desired layout. Mount the frame of the door by welding. Square every 90 degree corner with carpenter’s square and ensure that the parties are plumb.

Cut the different values of steel entry doors and steel tubes; by adding curves and decorative pieces as indicated on the drawings of desired design. Burr grinding the ends of the pipe so the caps and plugs fit. Clean and apply a finish to the gateway according to owner completed choice with a rust inhibiting primer and a topcoat of choice owners. Powder coating is an option.

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