Solid Wood Desk: To Desktop Outside Old Stuff


A do-it-yourself project using recycled materials or recycled building materials or objects thrift stores will help reduce the cost of your office setup.  Locate the materials to create your solid wood desk. His door, which can be hollow or solid wood core, should be 28 to 30 inches wide. The standard length is 80 inches, and this will be the width of your desktop. The door may be left over from its own construction project, or you can find an inexpensive way to companies that recycle construction materials.

Locate two metal filing cabinets. These can be found in thrift stores or online. A company to close its doors, or updating office equipment, might be willing to donate or sell cheap two filing. Check with companies that recycle used office furniture. These cabinets must be vertical style, two drawers, 28 inches deep. Prepare your door, it will be the top of the solid wood desk. The door may have a hole that was used for a doorknob. Sand the surface of the door with 120 sandpaper, and sand smooth corners and edges. Paint the door, if desired, with a bright paint. Allow the paint to dry, then place your cabinets where you want the outer sides of your solid wood desk. Place the door on cabinets.

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