Small Closet Organization Ideas


Small closet organization ideas – Chances are if you have a small room, the closet is not so great either, and space is a problem. The key closet organization when you have a lot of space is to use every inch of both horizontal and vertical space with several hooks, racks, cubbies holes and rods. Items to eye level and the bottom are easier to retrieve the day. Investing in shelves and labeled baskets to store these items. Change out the baskets in the changing seasons, the exchange of a basket full of heavy sweaters in fall and winter for a basket of tank tops in the summer.

Get the most out of your small closet organization ideas by installing multiple rods at different levels. For example, installing a rod of low and high bar. The bottom bar can manage your pants and skirts and top bar can handle caps. If your closet becomes high, install a third rod above the other two and keep clothes that are out of season or that you use infrequently there.

Install several hooks along the vertical space in your small closet organization ideas to organize smaller items. Use the cabinet sides to the hooks so that you do not use space that could easily work shelf.

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