Sesame Street Room Decor


Decorate your child’s bedroom or playroom with these colorful characters give the room an imaginative resource that is favored by many children. The decor is simple character to match solid, pastel or bright colors in the room. Paint walls a light color or pastel to match the sesame street room decor. Yellow, pink, white, blue and green are wise choices that coordinate well with the Muppet. Add Sesame Street border wallpaper or a mural on the walls. Use the border near the ceiling or as a chair rail and the mural on the wall behind the bed or other accent wall.

Find sesame street room decor wall decals peel-and-stick. They can be used not only for walls, but also to decorate lampshades solid colors, bulletin boards, and the side of a toy box or the ends of shelves.

Hang a large platform space to display the collection of Sesame Street Muppet your child. This keeps them on the floor and is a great way to enhance the whimsical look of the room. Toss cushions in the colors of sesame street room decor in bed, chair or use as floor cushions a comfortable for the child and his friends to sit. This gives color to the room and offers plenty of opportunities for naps after playtime are over.­­

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