Replacing Thermofoil Cabinet Doors


Between the application of many of the reparations bill, replacing thermofoil cabinet doors is high on the list. First we want to say that there are two other popular terms to describe this style of door, MDF and vinyl wrap. There are generally two types of damage are the most common with this type of door. The vinyl gasket off due to excessive heat or plastic coating begins to loosen, because production was not enough glue on the surface of the board when the doors are being made. In both cases, the doors are usually beyond repair and must be replaced.

Here is the problem; however, many customers have no idea where the thermofoil cabinet doors came. There are literally hundreds of companies manufacturing MDF doors scattered throughout the United States and Canada. Therefore, this is what we do to avoid this minor setback.

Most of the time, if we take a wrap vinyl drawer front drawer and look at the back side of it, there is a sticker on it. This label will have the name of the companies, the date of production, thermofoil cabinet door style and color codes in it.  Once we have this information, contact the company to see if the doors are still under warranty.

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