How to Build Piano Room Decor


Although much smaller than a grand piano, upright pianos are dominant objects that consume a considerable amount of visual and physical space, making them difficult to locate. Depending on the manufacture and model, these instruments can have a very distinctive color and ornamentation, forcing you to use as the centerpiece of your design. Select paint colors dramatic as Chinese red or yellow gold. This will help set the stage for your piano room decor is the focal point.

Place a dried flower arrangement in the corner. You can use a vase, but using a group of them with flowers attracts more attention. If you do this, make the arrangements of three or five each, the highest in the back. Place the piano in the corner, but leave a little space between the piano room decor and the wall. The art gallery and arrange flowers should be prominent but not overwhelming.

Decorate the piano room decor. Lean for decorations that expand a bit to cover a good portion of the surface of the piano. Position a couch and chairs around the piano. You may want to place a mat between the piano and furniture. That will give a visual separation between them and help give more emphasis to the piano.

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