Paint Hunting Room Decor for Child


Hunting room decor is a great choice for your little boy who loves the outdoors and wants to be like his dad hunter. Use paint to create hunting room decor that looks authentic, but still caters to a young child. With painting and accents well, it’s easy to create living hunting topics. If you want to use a little creativity in painting the room, head to the paint store and buy three different colors of green.

While camouflage is usually brown, black and green, the colors may be too heavy for a bedroom hunting room decor. When you think of the game, a few basic colors may come to mind. The first are the deep, earthy colors like brown and green. The second are the bright colors like orange and fluorescent yellow, used for hunting safety.

If you are handy with a brush, consider a forest scene mural on the wall. You can use a light pen to draw trees, grass, flowers and even some of your child’s favorite animals on the walls. Hunter cabin is a great place to take shelter during hunting trips. Turn your toddler room in a log cabin using masking tape to tape the vertical lines on the wall.

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