Ideas Nautical Baby Room Decor


How often the lovers of the sea have dreamed move and live on the beach? However, if we have the facility to make our dream come true, we can follow the following tips how to decorate a nautical baby room decor. Following these basic rules will be simple furnish and decorate your bedroom sailor style.

Paint the nautical baby room decor walls in white, beige or blue. The ideal is a light blue color not unlike the classic walls white. Buy bedding, down comforters, blankets, sheets and covers pillow with marine motifs: You can choose designs of shells, sailing, beaches or fish depending on your taste.

Choose a design nautical baby room decor with iron headboard painted white. In a seaside room, preferably the bedside tables and wicker be in them can be put next to your alarm clock, (not necessarily real) beautiful specimen of coral, along with some candles sailors typically alternating colors: white and blue. The library can be placed glass containers filled with fine sand white, which serve as hostel books. Remove rugs or use heavy rugs jute. Vista windows with white linen curtains or soft brown.

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