Luxury Decorative Pillows


As luxury decorative pillows, best number is three. These should be smaller, different shapes and fabrics, but always maintaining a common characteristic to match. Another option is to use one accent pillow, a little bigger in middle.

amount of cushions sofa depend on size of this. If it is a loveseat, choose between three five luxury decorative pillows. Two of these should be a little bigger and squares. Use one on each side. If you plan to wear comfortable and soft cushions or if your couch does not have support, you can use more cushions. Just keep in mind that you have to sit on them if you have many, so think carefully on materials.

Then add between one three smaller cushions, and various shapes. With these you need to be creative. Use different fabrics to give texture and interest to your decor. Not be afraid to mix prints.

For larger sofas, use more cushions. amount should always be in odd numbers, as they are more attractive to eye. If your couch is three places, you can use between five seven seats, depending on size of these. As for sofas in L, think like two different sofas. Decorate each side with luxury decorative pillows combined.

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