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Room Decor Nautical Baby Room Decor Design Image

Decorate the nursery is a special task that keeps the future busy parents while awaiting the arrival of the baby. Make the nursery can be fun, but unfortunately it can also be expensive. That’s the last thing Mom and Dad want, given all the other expenses related to the birth of a child. Fortunately, there are simple and fun ways to nautical baby room decor…

Room Decor Funny Sesame Street Room Decor

Decorate your child’s bedroom or playroom with these colorful characters give the room an imaginative resource that is favored by many children. The decor is simple character to match solid, pastel or bright colors in the room. Paint walls a light color or pastel to match the sesame street room decor. Yellow, pink, white, blue and green are wise choices that coordinate well with the…

Room Decor Minnie Mouse Room Decor Design

Start your bedroom walls with Minnie mouse room decor. Red paint to coordinate with Mickey pants or yellow to match her shoes. If you prefer neutral walls, paint them in a neutral tone like beige. Use one wall as a focal point, and paint a great picture of Minnie mouse on it. Use a poster of Minnie mouse to draw the image on the wall…