Ideas for Rolling Computer Desk


Rolling computer desk – Measure your laptop and the space available under the table to determine the size of your platform should be portable. A standard size portable platform would be 7 inches by 22 inches. Arrange the plywood on a flat surface and mark the dimensions of the platform on it. Cut the shelf with the jigsaw. Use sandpaper to remove chips, cracks and uneven surfaces, and paint or stain the plywood platform with the brush.

Rolling computer desk, take one of the two races and separated. A sliding track is composed of two parts one is the base part, which is installed on the desktop, and the other is the sliding portion, which is installed in the same shelf. It is 3 inches high. Spread the second sliding track into two parts as well.

Rolling computer desk, line sliding part of each track 7 inches to the sides of the platform. Must be a sliding track on each side. Connect the path of the platform with screws and screwdriver. Secure the platform with tracks together under the table and mark with a pencil where the pieces must be installed basis. Line the base part detects up signals designed under the table surface and installed with screws 1/4-inch and a screwdriver.

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