Ideas for Child’s Paris Themed Room Decor


Use the Color of the painting from the wall to set the color scheme for the room with the Paris themed room decor. For example, a child can select a palette of pink and black, pink and white, or a mixture of tones pies. Choose the main color to paint the walls and includes a strip of wallpaper you have moles, lace, or a floral print or soft curves. Choose bedding and cushions that fit the color scheme and complement other pieces of decoration of the room.

For a girl, choose a floral print or damask duvet. In a room with the theme of Paris for a child, opt for a duvet black and white stripes or one with an image of Paris themed room decor in black and white. Place small souvenirs of Paris on shelves or racks mounted on the wall. Hang a beret on top of a floor rack wrought iron in the corner.

Choose period pieces or wrought iron furniture for Paris themed room decor. Most girls can enjoy a canopy bed time or frame of delicate wrought-iron bed. For a child, choose a frame wrought iron bed more angular. Many stores sell lamp bases shaped like the Eiffel Tower.

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