Ideal Breakfast Nook Furniture


Your ideal breakfast nook furniture must provide 30 inches of each person sitting at table. However, if you live in a small apartment or have a small kitchen, you can get by with 24 inches of each person. A standard seat of a chair is 18 inches tall. Banks are a little shorter. An additional 18 inches wide are needed to push chairs in and out of corner. Shape of your kitchen will affect amount of space you can use for your breakfast nook furniture. If you have a small alcove, your measurements will be based on amount of living space that can fit in there. For a round room, you can choose to use a round table, which requires a larger table that everyone has enough space. Also you may have to work windows in your design scheme

You can use paint with brightness for easy cleaning breakfast nook furniture spills and splashes. Gloss and semi-gloss paint finish are easiest to clean, but they are so bright that light can bounce off finish and create a hard look. Satin finish is almost as easy to clean, but has a much softer glow.

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