How to Hang a Medicine Cabinet


Hang a new medicine cabinet is a fairly simple process. Do you want to buy a kit that has strong hinges; one can hang directly into the studs behind walls for safety. Select a kit wood or plastic to age well and will not rust. Use a stud finder to locate the studs behind walls of your bathroom in the area to hang your kit. The stud finder reacts to metal studs on the studs, so you can find them. Mark the studs in the wall with a pencil so you know where they are.

Hold the medicine cabinet to the wall so you can determine where to drill through the back of the box and into the studs. Check those locations inside the medicine cabinet. Place the medicine cabinet in place and check to make sure it is level and plum. You must be at the same level as the items inside does not spill.

Drill through the cabinet and a stallion and check the level and plum again. Replace the medicine cabinet if necessary, and then drill the second pole. Set the adjustable shelves that accompany your medicine cabinet. Clean fingerprints and smudges you made during the installation process.

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