How to Build a Computer Armoire Desk


If you work from home or just need a space for your computer, you are thinking that office space would be great. But the problem is that it does not have a spare bedroom or area in your home for an office. You can build a computer armoire desk at any closet at home. Prepare the cabinet. Remove the doors and any shelf that is currently in your closet. Measure and mark the area for desktop.

Purchase your desktop. A local home improvement store or sell wood agglomerate melamine in different sizes. Locating the studs and hang their supports. You can hang brackets every two poles. Most computer armoire desk have integrated cleats on the corners, so try to hang the supports at each corner and one two on the center support.

Place the melamine at the top of their supports. Secure the card to its supports with wood screws through the bottom of the bracket holes on the board. Determine the stability of your desktop. If you’re desktop appears shaky, secure in pairs form at the ends of the table below. Replace the doors of your computer armoire desk. You can choose to leave them out, but if your closet is a guest.

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