Homemade for TV Lift Cabinet


Once you’ve purchased a flat screen TV high quality, you should look for a site that reflects your magnificence. However, if you want to give a touch of luxury, how about kinds of elevator to lift the screen from outside the TV lift cabinet or table. ┬áDecide if you will build new furniture old one. You can adapt desks or comfortable for this, with drawers below as facade. Place both timber 10.2 5.1 cm inside the cabinet and attached to these guide rails.

Create a platform for the TV lift cabinet. You must enter between the timber and move smoothly inside the box. DC linear actuator placed on the plywood. The engine must be placed at the bottom of the cabinet with a bracket. The barrel of the actuator must be connected to the plywood so above the table as possible.

Connect the adapter to power the actuator. The adapter must have a minimum of five and a maximum of 10 amps to run. You must be at this level for safety. Connect the switch and the TV lift cabinet remote control to activate and deactivate the lifting mechanism. Follow the instructions of the devices purchased. Connect the entire power source through the outlet 12 volt DC and testing elevation.

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