Hidden Gun Cabinet Ideas


Just a few decades ago, gun owners enjoyed showing off their guns in the open. They would line up in rows on the wall or hung in a cabinet of curiosities. Lately, due to theft and children seize firearms and wounded them, gun owners have moved to build hidden gun cabinet. The idea is to turn it into a hidden gun cabinet changing around some shelves and adding some glass. Hollow out the cabinet by removing all current platforms.

Add some hooks and steps weapons and maybe even a couple of shelves of thin arms. Place glass doors hinged in the middle of the entertainment center so we still have room in the front to make an entertainment center drill. The front of the entertainment center will have a shelf for a small TV.

The hidden gun cabinet is one of the easiest to build and is meant more for someone who just wants a safe place to hide weapons instead of displaying them. Take a cabinet of curiosities regulate and reduce the width of the shelves in half. Remove the back of the box and put a drill all the way back to the shelves. Set your weapons inside the cabinet and put the real support.

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