Exclusive Tuscan Home Decor Ideas


Tuscan home decor is inspired by the Italian countryside with earth tones and natural materials such as stone, wood and iron. It is a rustic style, simple and comfortable design makes your home a completely cozy. No need to take a tourist destination far away to have it in your own home. First, to start remodeling your home painting the walls of your house in earth tones such as dark red, olive green, orange, brown or russet. Tuscan home decor is inspired by nature. When using non-toxic paint you’ll stay true to the theme. This type of decoration is also known for being rich in texture. Try to paint the walls with a sponge to create attractive designs.

To provide an atmosphere of Tuscan home decor authenticity, you must use the theme of wine and grapes for decoration. Try to hang garlands of vines around the entrance gates or a row of lights in the shape of grapes. Use wooden bowls filled with real or faux grapes and try to use a rack wrought iron to teach your wine bottles. If you are an artist, performs some drawings in empty bottles of wine, olive oil and vinegar. Place on kitchen shelves and countertops.

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