Diy Closet Organizer Ideas


Maintain a clean and tidy closet can be a challenge for many people. If you hesitate to open your closet door for fear of loose clothing and shoes crashing down on you, it’s time for you to organize your diy closet organizer. You do not have to cost a lot to put your wardrobe in order. Instead of buying expensive organizer shop retail, you can build a closet shelf for clothes, shoes and other items. A shelf of a closet hanging lets you store large items, and have space underneath for shoes and other accessories.

Determine the height and width you want to make your rack hanging locker. Its shelf hanging closet should be high enough off the ground to hang your garment longer than and as wide as the closet. You can adjust the size to suit your personal needs. Determine whether the hanger to fit snugly in your diy closet organizer or wall of a section of the cabinet.

Diy closet organizer locates the wall studs using a stud finder. Mark the locations of the studs of the wall with a pencil. Studs are usually 16 inches apart. Also, mark the wall where you want the top of the cabinet frame. Your custom closet shelf can be as high as you want.

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