Decorate a Bedroom with Antique Furniture


To create that special, romantic, use furniture that appeal to the five senses environment. Add soft colors invite you to relax, dim lighting calming nerves, and antique furniture that suggests luxury. Choose a paint color. Neutral colors are relaxing and a good background to highlight the antique furniture. Include an old bed to give the room a romantic Victorian look, or choose a sleigh bed quality wood invites you to rest and relax. An antique canopy with curtains can provide a prefabricated shelter for couples.

Use, thick luxurious fabrics. A quilt with floral print adds a romantic touch. Formal curtains provide privacy. Brocade fabrics give a feeling of richness and elegance and usually work well with the traditional look of antiques. Place rich antique furniture mirrors with gold frames on the walls to give the room reflects light and depth. Hang antique wall sconces for lighting and subtle elegance.

Add paintings including romantic and quiet settings. Use paintings or engravings depicting historical period antiques used in the room. Stack pillows on the bed. Use floral fabrics outdated or designs for tapestries to highlight antique furniture. Enhance your room with candles or incense. Place candles around the room to create soft lighting reminiscent of the bygone era antiques.

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