Creative Lazy Susan Cabinet


Put a lazy Susan cabinet in corner cabinets rack kitchen so you do not have to go all the way to the back of these storage areas deep. The turntable allows you to lazy Susan cabinet corners of the box. Depending on what you are using the cabinet, these items may be washing clothes, candles, ornaments or any number of things. This leaves the center to larger items such as towels, plates and decorative items larger. If you are using the cabinet its nice china, place glasses and coffee cups for points, and make room for the plates in the center.

If your lazy Susan cabinet is near end of a line of cabinets, you can open all the way. In other words, if only corner cabinet has another cabinet to the left or right of it, you can open until end of last cabinet. Add a door to end, and the installation of a storage tank to slide along you can put cookware in. Stop slide tray reach all the way through final cabinet and in corner cabinet. You can still access these cabinets front, or slide output tray to get things way back corner cabinet.

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