How to Build Closet Shoe Rack


Building a wardrobe closet shoe rack can be a challenge. Cut into a wall is difficult because you have to be careful not to cut any electrical cable or pipe. Use a hand saw to make the cuts to avoid causing serious damage. Turn off the electricity in the room when installing the platform to avoid electrocution. Shelves can only be as wide as the wall and may have to save some shoes aside if they are too long to fit inside the wall. Use the adjustment of the motherboard to add a decorative setting of each shelf and around the outer edges of the platform.

Closet shoe rack locates the wall studs where you want to build the shelves using the stud finder. The stud finder beeps or flashing colored light when you find a wall stud. Mark the location of each post with a pencil. You will build the shelves between the uprights.

Closet shoe rack draws the outline of the shelves on the wall with a pencil and a ruler. Cut the planks with a drywall saw. Save the drywall to use as the back of the shelves.  Measure the length of your longest shoes. Build a unit as wide as the length of the shoe that fits between wall studs shelf.

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