Changing a Metal File Cabinet


A metal file cabinet is a cabinet used for storing and organizing documents in homes or businesses. Many of these cabinets are equipped with locks to keep certain documents, and may include closing mechanisms style cam or plunger. Often the owners of these cabinets have to replace the locks because they lose keys or because they want to prevent unauthorized access in an office environment.

Open the file drawer that is closer to the lock. If you have the key and the metal file cabinet is closed, you have several options. Most locks are serious, so sometimes turn allow you to open the file drawer. You can drill straight through the lock cylinder. This must be done carefully to avoid damaging the file. Once you’ve drilled the lock, the drawer should open easily.

Held with a pincer security ring behind the lock. Once you have removed the ring, you’ll pull the lock through the opening. Install the lock. Specific instructions vary, but the general procedures are: turn the key in the lock and make sure it is open metal file cabinet. Locate the new lock in the opening cercior├índote that the key is in the upright position and the cam is pointing down.

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