Best Reclaimed Wood Furniture


Reclaimed wood furniture given back their beauty naturally, extending its life and saving the owner of house the expense of buying new furniture. Before restore, it determines whether the furniture is made ​​of hardwood or veneer. The veneer is very thin and difficult to restore, but hardwood responds well and the common restoration techniques.

Reclaimed wood furniture strippers are chemicals that remove the finished timber. Paste removers work well on flat surfaces; uses liquid stripper or carved in intricate surfaces. Use caution when decapes furniture, working in an area with good ventilation and wearing gloves and eye protection. Chemical strippers can be flammable, so never work near an open flame.

Reclaimed wood furniture, steel wool softens plating are sanding thin layer of wood. Sandpaper is commonly used for hand sanding hard wood. Vibratory finishing sanders and electric alternatives are suitable for hardwood. Electric sanders do the work faster, but can not reach the small spaces that require hand sanding. Whatever tool you use, always sand in the direction of the wood grain. The often soft and porous wood stains unevenly. Conditioners penetrate the wood and prepare it for a more even dyeing. The absorbent woods like pine, birch and maple are candidates for conditioners.

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