Amish Wood Furniture in Ohio


Amish wood furniture – Amish made furniture is known for its quality and craftsmanship. The oak is a popular choice for furniture, because it is both beautiful and durable. Amish made oak furniture combines all these features and furniture are readily available in many parts of Ohio. Red Oak: Red oak is just one of the many varieties of hardwood and is the most popular wood used by the Amish and other craftsmen. Named for its “red grain pattern.”

White Oak: Amish wood furniture White oak is light beige color that looks white when it has been freshly cut. Amish craftsmen recommend its use in furniture for those living in areas with high moisture content.  Other woods: The Amish use a variety of woods in furniture manufacturing. Besides oak, used cherry, maple, walnut, cedar and walnut.

Furniture Styles: Amish wood furniture comes in four different styles: Mission, contemporary, Shaker and Queen Anne. Each has its own distinctive features. Any type of wood can be used for each style, but the dining room furniture is mainly made of red oak. Availability: You can find authentic Amish furniture in Ohio in many places where Amish communities, as in the counties of Geauga, Holmes, Tuscarawas and Wayne.

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