Alluring Ideas European Home Decor


European home decor is inspired by Spanish, Tuscan and French villas and English country houses. Key to European rustic home decor is use of natural and simple materials such as wood and stone.  Many European country houses have wood frame walls with plaster or stucco between beams. This aspect can be replicated by using textured paint on walls to look like stucco and adding faux wood beams. Fireplaces warm rustic interiors of European households. Include one in your home, if possible, with stone facing.

Furniture in farmhouses or European home decor field is usually simple, craft and utilitarian, designed to withstand hard ware. Primitive style cabinets, tables and agricultural Windsor rockers fit bill eroded in today’s homes. Spanish style furniture tends to be dark, heavy and carved ornaments in wrought iron, copper and brass. Find authentic pieces in stores that specialize in buying furniture or reproductions of European antiques.

Colorful baskets and pottery is a staple in European home decor. Use them to store vegetables and fruits for natural counter displays. Bring your rustic cuisine with a hanging pot rack wrought iron. Elsewhere, use wall sconces and wrought iron wall art to give your home a touch of rustic Tuscan style.

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