Affordable Transitional Home Decor


Transitional home decor generally means a combination of traditional and contemporary furniture styles, materials, curtains and fabrics. Neutrals are the colors of choice for rooms decorated in the style of transition. The most common color scheme is a dark brown or espresso, with an off-white or ivory. However, other colors are also used as the black, gray, brown, and even earthy tones like olive.

Pairing of curves and straight lines dominate the style of furniture for rooms of transition. It is the balance between the two that provide the room with a harmonious feeling. Transitional home decor furniture is not ornate Victorian pieces such as its simplicity is what generates its elegance. The decor is warm and big enough, but not overpowering. There will never be a huge closet in a room transition, for example.

Visit Target stores to find affordable transitional home decor furniture. They currently have some decorative patterned chairs for sale. Furniture Kingdom has a large selection of high quality furniture. Visit TJ Maxx and Ross for options on the pillows and throws in neutral. Try using pillows with simple designs, unlike solid. Patterns complement the background of solid and neutral colors. Most importantly, do not be afraid to combine colors (even if their neutral).

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